My husband thought Greg, would you be happy. In August we have a party with our friends Carol and Stu, we had booked a suite in a tall building in Albufeira. On Wednesday morning, Carol and Stu had gone shopping and sightseeing in Faro, the decision to stay with me and Greg and fire on the beach. Around 4 pm I decided to go take a shower, change into a new bikini and returned to Greg on the beach. As soon as I entered the room I heard Carol moaned very strong from the inside of his room and gave Stu took one. I went straight to the bathroom and showered. When I came out of my mirror and saw my hair Greg pussy, feet in the bidet, an adjustment is needed to decide. I obviously do not lock the bathroom door and after a few minutes of study in the blast, naked, and not expect to find. He immediately left the room and closed the door, but not before the full house if one eye of his cock still hard, very thick, very long, twice asGreg ze, and not before the full view of the study was full of my pussy and dragon tattoo just above, students maintain a "good pussy, good tattoo Liz !" when he made a withdrawal. youpron I finished cutting my hair is in the pussy of my dress, I went to my room, youpron I put my new bikini and returned to Greg on the beach. I told him the story and jokingly asked why it was not his cock the size of the study was not surprised Carol moaned so loud. "We may not share with you Carol Hahn Greg wonders object" I just thought out loud, but said that blow through a sense, to be fucked the big one. When Carol was back in all its olive tanned legs thorugh small caftan, here, that only white wearing a thong, no bra or bikini top, her nipples large and dark brown. She was making dinner, doing some cuts of meat and salad purchased youpron material. Stu was on the table. He and I exchanged a knowing youpron look, and broke into a smile. Half an hour later, Greg and I had showered and changed,in my brown leather mini- skirt, low cut top, Greg in flowered shirt youpron and shorts. We sat on the balcony drinking the local plonk, Carol and Stu talk about shopping and sightseeing. With a purchase at one youpron of the big stores three skirts, a gold bikini, a purple lace bra very beautiful, lingerie, the chain had bought the game. not a word about my little race with Stu mentioned, we were just eating. Carol told me soon... " I hear you have an eye full study of weapon of mass destruction Sorry if it was a surprise for you... I hope it will not ruin the evening, do not know that you are back from the beach would have us a shout if you youpron youpron came " I laughed, " You and Stu were engaged in something else, and they made enough noise to wake the dead man... do not think I heard in a hundred years or so... "Carol laughed " you mean he was convicted of my brain? well, as you leave your small bathroom in white, is so well equipped that makes your eyes water, have no chanceremain silent when you're driving away! ' Stu gave him a look. It was like a Cheshire cat smile, loving being the center of attention. Has "No wonder I told Greg was not the best seen in a long time, I must have led a very sheltered life can understand why they are so happy that the filling to set up something so big, " said Greg same " Do you believe that Stu, youpron my wife would have a look at how his dong "! He gave me a dirty look to Greg. I wanted to see him again, and make a damn sight more than they wanted to see, I suck ! Greg does not have to be a bloody hand. Carol was not slow, " so please, Liz, is a great fucking show... come on baby Stu out, we all have a great look at them, especially the poor Greg, he hasn ' t see it yet!" be Stu any stimulus. He stood up and unbuckled his belt, dropped his pants. Then came to me, my hand in his underwear, giggling like a schoolgirl. "Come on Liz, to leave it! " I looke DUP at Stu, 'Are you sure ? "He smiled, and slid my hand down the front of his shorts, his cock was so long and thick as a table leg. I have two fingers in his youpron underwear around his tail and pulled it out. Since I have as a snake suddenly comes to life that was growing so fast in the fingers, not just fat but now very hard ", which is that Greg? Ten centimeters? "Greg laughed, " It looks like Christmas came early for my wife! "I turned to Carol," I can afford? "" Of course you can ! He loved it ! Give a good girl who remembered ! " I turned to the study of his face and took my face down and opens wide to get all inside your head. I raised my head rested on my tongue and my teeth for a few seconds, then took the whole head in my mouth. his bark felt the size of a tennis ball, slowly sucked me around, small drops of salty precum makes me feel very hot and after a minute or so it was not until it reaches the bottom of my throat, I put one hand in his underwearPress and massage his balls. could not see, Greg, but must be unpacked, and Carol have youpron turned masturbate first, because I was sucking both tail Stu, students are now beginning to turn, turn your head back and eyes and hoped that was not ' t cum yet. I felt his hand on my head, he began to fuck my mouth, I prepared my hands on her hips, choking, barking as he hit the back of my neck every two seconds, I pulled my head, " no study can not I give you aspire beautiful? I want you in my mouth to not get into my throat... " Gregg I looked around. It was out of it. Go back, eyes closed, as Liz sucked, youpron jerked his head up and down as the mouth of his cock. I went back to study the tail first kiss, then kissed his balls, then open your mouth to take it again in the mouth to kiss Tougue, licking the precum. I really do not know how long it was, I was kissing and licking more and sometimes bite the meat after theThe head, but then I felt it. His cock was very rigid, moaned: "Jesus" and then there's the back of the throat, and then hit the side of my mouth, I counted four spurts of cum fills my mouth, hot, thick and creamy, salty. I kept sucking until he was sure every last drop of cum dripping from his penis and only then, even let him go as. I took the head of my mouth, kissed the end, then along its length... "Liz was fantastic, one of the best.. " then he took me, took my hand and went to his room and Carol. Carol Gregg or not. I guess we were in our room. Stu and closed the door and we kissed, his tongue deep into my mouth. and I did and got to bed slowly lifted my skirt and removed her panties. was still great! had cum, but had not lost his erection! He parted her legs and put two fingers in her cunt and rubbed her clitoris. I knew I was wet down there, mega, and began to fuck me really want to study. that pufull of his boxers and went to bed. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him. Then he went out, I lifted her hips and took his bark into my pussy. I felt my lips deride slid in hard, without notice, as youpron their 10-inch was all the way inside me, moaning a big cry when I saw the walls of my pussy pushh also felt his tip touch somewhere inside, behind my navel, I'm not a fabulous feeing Gregg has 6 inches. Stu has wasted no time and began to push away, very fast, always faster to leave me some very strong, " Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me... " he complains. youpron I do not know how much time was probably 15 minutes just know I have orgasms in one, two, three times, then froze Stu, I looked up, his eys were closed, mouth open... I felt then. shook his tail inside me, like a whip, two, three, four times the cock shot his cum filled my pussy instantly heat diffusion across my abdomen. We kissed, his tongue in my mouth, my hands Stroking his neck, still clutching one of his balls, then go back to caress his chest squeezing her nipples. five minutes and his cock slipped out of my pussy, his cum running on my Rock pseudo expensive! I lent forward and kissed his barking, and they are all in the mouth to the last drop of milk to suck away. Finally up and went into the bathroom. When Carol and Stu I were in the balcony, Gregg was in our bedroom. I put my arms around him, "was that good honey ? " "Really great, a great way to spend an evening. And you ?" youpron I squeezed his cock, "one of the best shit ever... " and I went and took his flaccid penis in her mouth, sucked Gregg 's tail to life. I looked up at him, "nice to finish my husband in my mouth.. " He smiled, " well, fuck my wife after the other has been there! "
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